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Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Planning your big day requires a lot of decision making and hard work. I promise to make planning your honeymoon as fun and easy as possible.

Why should you plan your honeymoon with us?

Let Erin tell you a quick story about her own honeymoon:

I had a terrible experience. Long before I was a travel advisor I planned my honeymoon and did all of the booking online. I thought I knew exactly what I was doing, and more importantly I thought I knew exactly what I was purchasing. Then a hurricane hit on the second day of our stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and we had nowhere to turn to for help. We got on the last two seats on the last flight out before the airport was closed. We made our way to Las Vegas and eventually rented a car and drove home to Massachusetts.

Our insurance that we thought would cover us, did very little. Our return airline tickets were not usable. The company we booked with couldn’t help us because they were not a full service travel agency. We ended up spending thousands over what we had budgeted, and still didn’t get the honeymoon of our dreams. It was a memorable trip, but not at all the relaxing honeymoon experience we had envisioned. I never want something like this to happen to another couple.

Let us utilize our years of experience and personal contacts to help you plan your dream honeymoon. It’s a trip you only get to take once, so let’s make sure it’s special.

You can’t VIP yourself, so get in touch!

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