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What is it like to work together?

Our clients, in their own words.

Up until recently it had been nearly 20 years since we had utilized the services of a travel agent.  I just figured with all of the information on the internet there was no need or specific benefit.  Erin has booked hotel stays for us on several occasions now and we have been very happy with the results.  When booking through Erin we have enjoyed perks and benefits that would not have been available to us if we had booked on our own. Erin has been attentive to all of our inquiries and questions.  Her responses have always been prompt and helpful.  We will not hesitate to book trips with her in the future and are happy to recommend her services to friends and family."

- C.L.

Thank you for making this a great vacation!! The airline caused a few bumps along the way but we really appreciate you stepping in and making all the adjustments with Jet Blue and Rosewood. We appreciate how quickly you responded and offered your assistance."

- J.F.

We just wanted to extend our thanks for an amazing honeymoon! Everything and everyone was beyond perfect and we enjoyed every minute!!! Thank you also for the delicious bottle of wine in Greece! That was a lovely surprise! Please take care and hope to work with you again in the future."

- L.G.

We had a wonderful time at the Viceroy! We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon! The resort was beautiful and the staff very professional and took care of our every need. Thank you for everything!

- C.S.

We had the best time.  The place was incredible. The fact that all 4 families could be together there was priceless.  I would highly recommend this resort. Thank you for making everything run smoothly for us. I loved not having to worry about anything especially the transfers to and from the airport in Cancun.

- K.C.

Just a note to say thanks for making the hotel arrangements in Hawaii. It’s so nice to have it taken care of so painlessly and so well."

- M.H.

I just landed back in Boston after a fabulous trip! Everything was just perfect and on the plane home I was already planning my next trip. I’m thinking Christmas time next year perhaps. Thanks and I’ll check back with you soon about Scotland next month."

- K.R.

Everything was great. Our family loved Round Hill….we liked its laid back setting, old school vibe, and natural beauty. We were fortunate and got upgraded to villa with pool. We appreciate all your help and look forward to planning future vacations with you."

- D.B.

It was fantastic!! Thank you so much for everything- It really was an amazing trip. The only question I have now is where should we go next?!?"

- C.L.

Overall the trip was exactly what we hoped for and more, totally exceeding expectations and living in a screensaver for two weeks is hard to describe.  It is such a unique place that it cannot be compared to and anyone debating whether or not to do this trip should not even contemplate it. It’s worth every hour of travel but you cannot go for anything less than a week in Bora Bora, you would feel you didn’t get enough time to explore and settle in. Thank you for everything and putting up with all my tedious requests along the way.  Very helpful and appreciate everything. We will definitely work with you again in the near future!"

- M.O.

Erin, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour this morning. The guide was terrific and gave us exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you!"

- M.S.

Things were great. It truly was a beautiful spot. The suite was really perfect, great layout, space, decor and amazing views. The resort itself was quiet and secluded, very low key. The island was breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery we’ve ever experienced. We will definitely be back in touch for next time, you were such a big help to us and really made our vacation great!!"

- S.S.

As part of the wedding planning process, I put my fiancee in charge of planning the honeymoon. He was in charge – 100%. “Surprise me” I said. I started to get a little nervous when I heard some rumblings about a road trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park in ME. Not that I wouldn’t love a trip like that in any other circumstance – but the thought of all of that driving, hiking, and sightseeing after all of our hard work planning the wedding – frankly just sounded like more work. But I had given my fiancee full reign over the honeymoon and so I kept my mouth shut. Of course any trip we took together would be fabulous – even it wasn’t the honeymoon I had always pictured in my head.

As our travel agent, Erin has always gone out her way to really get to know us – our personalities, likes and dislikes while traveling, and overall expectations of our experience when we do travel. After each trip, she devours our feedback on what we liked (/disliked) and applies this knowledge to our subsequent trips. Thankfully, Erin put all of this knowledge into action while working with my fiancee on the honeymoon planning and was able to tactfully steer him in a totally different direction from Maine.

Upon Erin’s recommendation, we ended up going to Hermitage Bay in Antigua. The hotel was so relaxing, romantic, and we overall felt like we were truly in paradise. Erin also recommended we upgrade our flights to/from Antigua to first class since the difference in cost was nominal and would add that extra element of luxury to the trip. We would have never even considered looking at first class ticket prices since they are normally so much more than coach. We took her recommendation and flying first class was simply the icing on the cake! In the end, I got the honeymoon I always dreamed of!"

- S.W.

In all my years of traveling I’ve never had a travel adviser/agent until now. And I will never book another trip until I speak with Erin first. I’ve already recommended her to all my friends and one friend is using her services right now for her honeymoon. (And she is delighted with how things are going.) Erin is a blessing in my life and I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to work with her and I know she’s going to be in my life for many years to come. Specifically, she has arranged excellent air travel; much less than I’d pay on my own, boat travel; she arranged my first private boat transfer to/from Capri, Italy, and I always get incredible service in all the hotels she books through the Virtuoso network. She’s responsible, available when you need her & makes your travel seamless in every way! I love her!

- L.S.

Erin planned a honeymoon for us in July 2014. We gave her a few destinations of where we were interested in going and she quickly turned around some great recommendations! We ended up going to Turks and Caicos, and the service there was top notch. She also got us a big free upgrade of room upon arrival. Highly recommend Erin’s services!

- M.T.

Erin was so helpful when we were planning our honeymoon. With Erin’s guidance and advice, we chose to go with NIZUC and it was the best decision! She was thorough, patient and we were very grateful for her help. It was by far the best vacation of our lives and we appreciated all that Erin did for us to make it as easy, comfortable and memorable as possible. She even stayed in contact with us during the honeymoon and after to follow-up on a few items. She was fantastic. Thank you, Erin!"

- L.M.

Erin was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to work with. She gave us comprehensive flight options and booked our flights in good time, and that helped us to have a wonderful trip overseas to visit family. She researched places to stay in case we travelled during our visit, keeping cost and types of activities in mind. She is very organized and informative, and delivered information and results punctually. I would use her again, and I would highly recommend her to someone else."

- E.P.

Erin was helpful on planning a trip to Italy throughout the process of our developing what we wanted to do. See was flexible and offered solid advice which ultimately made the trip an unqualified success. We would not have seen and done many of the things we enjoyed, but for her help. See stayed in contact throughout the process and after the trip was booked and during the trip, if we had any problems or concerns (we didn’t)."

- M.D.

Our honeymoon was amazing and we could not have asked for a better time. Erin was so helpful when it came to recommendations and definitely tailored a vacation that fit exactly what we wanted out of our honeymoon. Her knowledge of both the destination and the hotel were spot on, and our trip would not have been as special if it were not for her help. Erin handled the travel logistics, the transportation to the hotel, and made sure that we received the best room & service possible during our stay."

- A.S.

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