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Travel Gear: CitySlips Luxe Travel Flats

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

CitySlips Luxe Travel Flats from Neiman Marcus

The perfect luxury travel accessory for travel: shoes! Keep your feet happy and clean on long flights or in hotel rooms with less than spotless carpets. These would also be great to bring to conferences or on any other trip where you might have tired feet after a long day of walking.

Here is how CitySlips describes their innovative product on their website:

CitySlips offer a “total package” solution to a crippling (literally) problem. Their innovative split-sole structure and comfy elastic backing allow them to fold neatly and securely into a compact carrying case. Once the flats have been removed, the small pouch unzips and expands, becoming a full-size tote bag. Throw those heels inside and enjoy a more comfortable commute home, or another few hours on the dance floor.

You get a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes with it’s own carrying case and a tote bag for storing your original shoes. Genius.

If you are ready to order, you can do so on the NeimanMarcus website or directly from CitySlips (among other retailers).


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