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Travel Gear: Briggs & Riley BRX Collection

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I recently purchased the Briggs & Riley Explore 22 Upright [affiliate link] and Excursion Backpack [affiliate link]. I am a chronic over packer and I needed a suitcase that was larger than my 21″ carry on and smaller than my 25″ checked bag. I have taken them on three trips so far and I couldn’t be happier with their functionality and quality. I even took them on a four day business trip to New York City to attend a conference (at The Plaza!) and had plenty of room for multiple outfits per day, my laptop, iPad, file folders, assorted chargers, winter weather accessories – and that was without expanding the suitcase!

The look of the backpack is not high fashion, but it is extremely comfortable. You can either wear it or attach it to the clips on the suitcase. I used to carry a laptop bag, but I have finally given in to the fact that they are heavy, awkward, and uncomfortable. Travel can be hard enough at times, why suffer with a bag that works against you?

I love the tall handle on the suitcase and the fact that it is on the outside. My other favorite feature is the pocket on the outside front of the bag that is perfect for quickly stowing a newspaper or magazine. I also like the two inside compartments as they have functioned well for me to store dirty clothes or small items likes scarves or belts that I don’t want to get lost in the roomy main compartment.

If you pack like me this bag combo is perfect for three to five day trips, especially if you are driving or plan on checking your bag. It will hold more than the basics and allow you to bring workout clothes, your hairdryer, an optional outfit, and even multiple pairs of shoes. Of course, the backpack can accommodate plenty of work supplies and will fit in the overhead or under your seat.

This is not inexpensive luggage, but the company offers a lifetime guarantee. I have had only one slight issue with my Briggs & Riley 21″ inch carry on since purchasing it six years ago, and I was able to fix it myself (Trust me, I am not handy!) with a washer that I found in our toolbox. You couldn’t do that with most brands of inexpensive luggage because they are meant to be discarded; not fixed.


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Erin is a third generation small business owner. The foundation of her travel agency is one of independence, integrity, and a client-first ethos. 

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